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15 allergy friendly snacks for the trail

Allergy Friendly Snacks for the Trail

Emmett has joined a new cub scout group since we’ve moved. We will be going on hikes that are Nut-Free. When I pack our hiking treats, we will need all allergy friendly snacks. I’m assuming there is a variety of peanut and tree-nut allergies in the group. However, Emmett is allergic to both; as well as egg whites, milk, wheat, soy, and sesame seeds. To prepare for our hikes, I’ve printed allergy cards, and made a list of snacks we can bring on our hikes.

Today I’ll be sharing:

What are Allergy Friendly Snacks?
15 Allergy Friendly Snacks for the Trail
Allergy Friendly Rules and Tips for Adventure

What are Allergy Friendly Snacks?

Allergy free is a really broad term. We can try our best to be allergy friendly by keeping track of which allergens are in the foods we bring. There are the typical allergies listed in bold at the bottom of a food box nutrition panel. Then there are allergies to specific foods like blue cheese or strawberries. Reactions to food allergies also differ. For example, Emmett can still eat foods with small amounts of egg whites, wheat, and soy. However, he stays away from nuts because his allergy class for them is much higher. With that in mind, Emmett’s Allergy Friendly Snack list, might not match yours. If you or your child has food allergies, I recommend you talk to your doctor and do some research on snacks you can take along on your adventures.

15 Allergy Friendly Snacks for the Trail

  1. Popcorn
  2. Craisins or raisins
  3. Apple or Banana Chips (you can make your own in the oven)
  4. Carrots
  5. Oranges or clementines
  6. Frozen Chocolate Covered fruits (make sure you keep your lunch bag cool so the chocolate doesn’t melt)
  7. Marshmallows
  8. Rice cakes
  9. ALL the Treats by Sweet Loren’s (one of Emmett’s favorite food brands!)
  10. Crackers
  11. Cereal
  12. Deli Meat
  13. Potato Chips
  14. Chewy Bars
  15. Pretzels (still searching for a gluten free option he likes)

Allergy Friendly Rules and Tips for Adventure

Being allergy friendly on the trail is more than having the right food. You also need to be prepared to come in contact with other sources of allergies. Things like washing our hands and rinsing away allergens versus using hand sanitizer can make a difference. Here is a list of rules and tips consider for your next allergy friendly expedition.

Medication. If anyone in your family has an EpiPen or other allergy medicine from their doctor, you definitely need to bring it on your adventure. If you don’t already have one, consider getting an insulated travel case for your medicines so they do not get over heated.

Lightweight Equipment. Avoid cross-contamination by bringing your own eating utensils and drinking containers. Keep it simple and light. Adding extra weight to your pack, can make an adventure too exhausting to continue. The lighter you pack, the farther you can go.

Sharing Is Not Caring. In cases of food allergies, sharing is NOT caring. Teach your kids with food allergies not to accept food from others and don’t give other kids food without confirming with their parents.

Wash Your Hands. Before preparing food others will be eating, and before eating ourselves, its important to remove any allergens off our hands. Hand sanitizer is great. However, rinsing off the potential contaminants is super important when someone has food allergies.

Carry Allergy Cards. Remembering what our kids are allergic to can be hard. Especially in an emergency. That’s why allergy cards are great to have. You can make your own or have allergy cards made for you.

What are some of your favorite Allergy Friendly Snack and Tips?


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