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Now Accepting Guest Posts at Emmett’s Expeditions

My goal for the Emmett’s Expeditions blog is to create a community for homeschoolers to connect and support one another. Now I am inviting other homeschoolers to write guest posts. You can write about DIY homeschooling activities, tips for exploring with kids, traveling homeschool tips, ideas for unschooling, or personal stories of being a homeschool mom (homeschool dad’s are awesome too!) Any blog post idea that is helpful for homeschoolers is welcomed.

Why You Should Write Guest Posts

Our writers put a lot of thought and time into their guest posts. I’d like to make sure you get as much out of the post as you put into it. When you guest post on Emmett’s Expeditions, you’ll get an author bio promoting your blog and social media profiles. You’ll also have the chance to be featured on our contributor page if you guest post at least 2 times. Each guest article will be promoted on our social media profiles. You will join a community filled with homeschool moms (and dads) just like you! Plus support from other homeschoolers. <3

How to Write the Right Guest Posts

If you think you have a great idea for a guest post, email me ( with your blog post outline. We can brainstorm together if your idea needs a little refining. If your guest post is approved, I will give you access to the WordPress dashboard of Emmett’s Expeditions. You will get a user profile and your own password to login. Then you can paste your post, or write your post, within the dashboard of the Emmett’s Expeditions blog. If you’d like to contribute again, simply login and provide another post for review. Depending on the amount of submissions, your post will be published within 2 to 6 weeks. You can learn about the Guest Post Guidelines here.

Update: See Our First Guest Post

“In June and July in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada it is summer, but you can find big pieces of ice floating in the ocean off the coastline. These chunks of ice are called icebergs and they are usually very beautiful but can also be dangerous to boats or other objects that float nearby.” Finding Icebergs in Newfoundland, Canada by Alison Butler

Write Guest Posts for Emmett's Expeditions


Ashley is the naturalist homeschool mom of Emmett's Expeditions. Starting in 2013, she has created homeschool centered learning tools and apparel that encourage kids to explore nature, discover new horizons, and protect the world we live in. In addition to wildlife activity books for your children's expeditions she has a Free expedition library for newsletter subscribers.



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  • What Spring surprises have you found this month?
This is our first spring in this home and we’ve found some beautifully vibrant flowers in the yard. This purple, is one of my favorite colors.
  • What’s on your bookshelf?
Our bookshelf is an assortment of homeschool curriculum, nature magazines, wildlife resource books, fiction novels, arts and crafts, as well as some games. We also have a spot exclusively for library books. This makes it easy to keep track of returns. Soon we’ll be recycling the shelf and adding some built-in shelving to cover the whole wall, floor to ceiling. Because you can never have enough shelf space for books 😉
  • Yesterday Emmett had a blast at his first Comic Convention. It was also our first visit to the Howell branch of the library. This circle wall seat was awesome and it happened to match Emmett’s cosplay 😁
  • Hi! I’m Ashley (mom + educator) and this is Emmett (son + student). We are year-round homeschoolers that love wildlife, traveling, learning new skills, and fandom activities.
Emmett loves inventing things that spin, everything related to aerospace, Pokémon, Beyblades, and Hot Wheels. When he grows up he wants to be an inventor. His favorite subject is science, especially when he does lessons that incorporate Bill Nye the Science Guy. .
I’m a mom, home educator, graphic designer, and drafter. I love observing flora, fauna, fungi, land, and sea. My favorite part of homeschooling is traveling and learning with my son. .
Our homeschool style is eclectic. We love exploring and project based homeschooling best. Our local secular homeschool group is amazing! Emmett and I love to meetup for fun and learning. .
  • What animals did you see in nature today?
We saw lots of worms! Another fascinating creature we’ve seen thanks to a lot of rain and spring weather.
  • Who would your kiddo dress up as at Comic Con?
Emmett is finishing his costume today for our first comic con this weekend. As you probably know from following us, Emmett loves Beyblades and Pokémon. Naturally, he is going to be Aiger Akabane from Beyblade Burst Turbo. See our insta story for behind the scenes footage of Emmett working on his cosplay.
  • Are you ready for homeschool evaluations this year?
Emmett and I are reviewing our school year via his homeschool portfolio one page at a time. It’s a great way to remember what adventures we have had, lessons we’ve learned, and all he has accomplished. Plus, I’m already getting a ton of ideas for next year’s homeschool portfolio. .
Space Camp was his first “field trip” in August. If you look closely at the bottom picture, Emmett pasted it upside down so he’d look like he is floating in space ❤️
  • Have you ever seen a giant LOVE sign?
The LOVEworks signs are a dime a dozen around here. No matter how many we have seen, Emmett always loves to take a picture with the LOVE signs. Recently I looked into the 𝘱𝘶𝘳𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘦 of the signs. .
Turns out the giant artwork is to show tourists that “love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation.”
I can’t argue with that. We love taking family vacations - a.k.a. field trips - a.k.a. camping trips - to the Virginia Parks.