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Category: Homeschool

  • Mom Tip:
When your kiddo is going to do a project, like painting a derby car, cereal boxes make great arts & crafts placemats.
  • Pinewood Derby is a great physics project for kids to study the different forces the car will experience!
• friction
• gravity
• air resistance 
It’s also a great time to learn safety around power tools, how to sand the pinewood, and have fun expressing their own creativity in designing their car. .
Swipe for my book suggestions on the topic.
  • Have you ever built a Pinewood Derby car?
Emmett’s car is almost ready for this year’s Pinewood Derby Race with his Cub Scout Pack. He decided to paint it with Pokémon Eevee!
  • It’s good to have an alternate logo and other elements to make your branding recognizable. .
For Jessica of Ink It Up with Jessica, I created a badge for her blog posts and pin images to highlight when she has how-to videos. .
What extra design elements would you like to see with your new brand identity?
  • Jessica is a card maker with a brand that has been helping people make their own greeting cards for 20 years. She needed a logo that was easy to read, not overly sweet, and consisted of fonts she could easily use with her online graphic tools.
I really loved Jessica’s feedback during this logo design project. She is fantastic to work with. After watching some of her how-to videos I’m looking forward to making my own greeting cards this year. .
Swipe to see the Ink It Up with Jessica Mini Brand Board.
  • Do you use so many colors in your business graphics that you have trouble with consistency?
Narrowing down your brand colors is a great way to make your brand recognizable. For Ink It Up with Jessica, we created a simple palette that has:
+ 1 light color (teal)
+ 1 dark color (navy)
+ 1 pop color (fuchsia) + & 1 neutral color (white)
  • Start off the new year with a coffee, my treat 😊
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  • Happy New Year!
I hope you all had lovely celebrations and have an amazing twenty-nineteen!
This year with Emmett’s Expeditions, you can expect to see:
+ Wildlife Articles
+ Homeschool Activities
+ How-To Videos
+ and a VIP Rewards Program!