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name homeschool challenge

Name Your Homeschool Challenge

Name Your Homeschool Challenge

Where do you go to school?

Has anyone ever asked your son or daughter what school they go to? Have they ever responded, "I don't go to school"? It happens. But it doesn't have to 😉 Before we get to the name your homeschool challenge let's talk about why you should name your homeschool. Other than having an answer to that awkward question, why should you name your homeschool? Do people have homeschool sport and game co-ops where kids play for their homeschool team? Do they have uniforms and coffee mugs and bumper stickers? Maybe. Turns out some states require your homeschool to have a name. However there are benefits for naming your homeschool even if you don’t need to. Naming your homeschool makes a great class project, school IDs get you discounts, and the name will make homeschool yearbooks and portfolios look awesome.

name your homeschool challenge workbook

How to do The Name Your Homeschool Challenge:

Step 1: Sign up for my mailing list and download the "3 Reasons to Name Your Homeschool" workbook.
Step 2. Share your new Homeschool Name on Instagram with @EmmettsExpeditions & #EmmettsExpeditions.

Get Inspired by Other Homeschools

Aero Academy: Emmett's Homeschool

Welcome to Aero Academy where little astronauts go to school!

Aero Academy
Emmett's Homeschool

Emmett chose to name his homeschool Aero Academy because he loves Aerospace. It's his absolute favorite subject.

Choosing Colors & Mascots

His first year the colors were a couple shades of green and a mustard yellow. Now they are 2 shades of blue and red. The name, rocket icon, and astronaut mascot are still the same.

New School Motto

An addition to this years homeschool identity is the school motto: semper explorandum stellas which means "Always Explore the Stars"

These Awesome Sisters (both homeschool moms)made their homeschools Harry Potter inspired!

"At both Michelle’s and Karen’s houses we’re big Harry Potter fans. We have Harry Potter ring tones, read Harry Potter books, watch Harry Potter movies, play Harry Potter video games, dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween, and add some Harry Potter magic into our homeschools. We even live on acreage and have “Dark Forests” behind our houses. Read on if you’d like to make your own Harry Potter homeschool." - Layers of Learning

Learn How to Start a Harry Potter Homeschool

from Layers of Learning

Karen and Michelle, walk readers though how they created a Harry Potter themed homeschool (and how you can too!) Pick a school name, name your houses, and make banners for each house. The students can also earn house points for doing well in school (and lose points for bad behavior.) These duo Harry Potter homeschools also have fun challenges the kids can play to earn points. All their classes are named something from the world of Harry Potter as well. Awesome right? I want to get my Harry Potter homeschool letter! Alas I'm still a muggle expedition leader and mission control operator for my astronaut in training 😉

Read A Harry Potter Homeschool by Layers of Learning


Ashley is the naturalist homeschool mom of Emmett's Expeditions. Starting in 2013, she has created homeschool centered learning tools and apparel that encourage kids to explore nature, discover new horizons, and protect the world we live in. In addition to wildlife activity books for your children's expeditions she has a Free expedition library for newsletter subscribers.




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