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Researching the Armored Caterpillar

What is That Armored Caterpillar?

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Ashley is the naturalist homeschool mom of Emmett's Expeditions. Starting in 2013, she has created homeschool centered learning tools and apparel that encourage kids to explore nature, discover new horizons, and protect the world we live in. In addition to wildlife activity books for your children's expeditions she has a Free expedition library for newsletter subscribers.



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  • When do your kids go back to school?
Emmett’s new homeschool year unofficially begins August 26. Since we homeschool year-round, the start date is more for fun traditions like making a “graduation cap” and having homeschool in our pajamas on the first day.
Right now we are having fun flipping through our homeschool co-op’s yearbook. I’m the yearbook advisor and had a lot of fun designing the cover and pages. I’m already excited to start on the 2019-2020 yearbook.
Emmett and I are also planning our field trips for next month!
Homeschool Career Capsule Photo Session by @MeganBreedenPhotography
  • Yesterday we went to the lake and watched fireworks after sunset. What adventures have you had this weekend?
  • A new species has been discovered in the wilds of Virginia by Emmett, the junior explorer on the expedition team... Not really. But with these toys, your kids can imagine all kinds of fun!
This is a special edition floppy-eared monster named Beezley. Emmett adopted him this past Easter from @lu_and_ed
Lu & Ed is one of my son’s all time favorite brands. Every time we visit the online store, he is looking at all the new monster photos and reading their mini-stories. Each one is unique and made from 100% recycled textile discards.
  • For the past week, Emmett and I have been having a lot of fun playing Wizards Unite on our hikes. Have you tried out Wizards Unite yet?
  • UPDATE: Turns out the sharks, skates (rays), and chimaeras lay egg cases similar to this one. .
When I was a little girl, my cousins and I called these mermaid purses and, at some point, learned they could be shark eggs.
Emmett and I saw a ton of these egg cases at the beach this weekend, both on the beach, and in the water. When I told him they could be shark eggs, he asked how they hatch...
Internet to the rescue. We found a video about sharks hatching! It was really cool. We also learned these are called egg casings and you can identity the species based on the egg case! Super cool learning experience.
Thanks to a commenter, Emmett and I did further research about this egg case. It is most likely a Spotted Eagle Ray egg case.
  • Walking through aquarium tunnels never gets old! #thisishowwehomeschool
  • Have you ever seen a poison-dart frog?
This weekend, we had our first field trip for the summer at the Virginia Aquarium where we saw this awesome Dendrobatinae is a Green-and-Black Poison Dart Frog.
Emmett pointed out it was blue, not green. Which of course prompted more research. Turns out, the Green-and-Black Poison Dart Frog is typically mint green, however it can also be dark green, turquoise, pale yellow, or cobalt blue like this one.
  • For several years, I’ve been designing logos and brand materials on the side. My official site launch for @logodentity will be July 1st, but I'm already half booked through September! Stop by and signup to my newsletter for early access prices!