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Category: Motherhood

  • Fun Friday means foreign language challenges! What language would your student like to learn?
Emmett and I use the Duolingo app so he can learn whatever languages interest him. Now you can have clubs on the app and challenge each other. So I’m using the app as well. .
Emmett is studying Spanish, French, Russian, and Greek. 
I am working on Spanish, French, Russian, and Irish. .
Outside of Duolingo, I teach Emmett America Sign Language. Audio languages have never been my strong suit. So I’m really glad we have this app. Emmett loves earning the achievement badges. Duolingo’s app makes learning new languages fun and easy.
  • Emmett’s Wildlife Initiative - Helping Save Earth's Wildlife One Expedition at a Time
Emmett’s Expeditions donated $25 to CORAL this month!
The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is an organization working to save coral reefs. .
For every purchase through, $1 goes to nature conservation efforts by Emmett's Wildlife Initiative. Thanks for supporting Emmett’s Expeditions!
  • Getting ready to make some videos for Emmett’s Expeditions! Stay tuned for sneak peeks and updates 🎬
  • What are you currently studying in history?
This week, Emmett is learning all about Abraham Lincoln. We love the Who Was series. It’s a great way to introduce historical figures and events to prompt further study. .
P.S. new things are coming to Emmett’s Expeditions. 🎬
  • Inside Emmett’s Terrarium. .
I shared Emmett’s terrarium project in my Instagram story this weekend. The wheatgrass and chia seeds are already sprouting. Growing gifts are so much fun!
  • How are your snow creations holding up?
We weren’t sure how the freezing rain would affect them. Thankfully Emmett’s Snow-Eevee is still standing. Today we’ll probably make a fort. ❄️
  • Do you like our Puzzle Feed on Emmett’s Expeditions? What kind of posts would you like to see more of this year?
In July last year, I started making my Instagram gallery into a Puzzle Feed. I’ve experimented with it in many different ways. My posts for “A Recipe for Adventure” and “Homeschool Spirit Week” are some of my favorites.
  • Did you get much snow this weekend?