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Category: Homeschool

  • Emmett’s Wildlife Initiative - Helping Save Earth's Wildlife One Expedition at a Time
Emmett’s Expeditions donated $25 to CORAL this month!
The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is an organization working to save coral reefs. .
For every purchase through, $1 goes to nature conservation efforts by Emmett's Wildlife Initiative. Thanks for supporting Emmett’s Expeditions!
  • Getting ready to make some videos for Emmett’s Expeditions! Stay tuned for sneak peeks and updates 🎬
  • What are you currently studying in history?
This week, Emmett is learning all about Abraham Lincoln. We love the Who Was series. It’s a great way to introduce historical figures and events to prompt further study. .
P.S. new things are coming to Emmett’s Expeditions. 🎬
  • Inside Emmett’s Terrarium. .
I shared Emmett’s terrarium project in my Instagram story this weekend. The wheatgrass and chia seeds are already sprouting. Growing gifts are so much fun!
  • How are your snow creations holding up?
We weren’t sure how the freezing rain would affect them. Thankfully Emmett’s Snow-Eevee is still standing. Today we’ll probably make a fort. ❄️
  • Do you like our Puzzle Feed on Emmett’s Expeditions? What kind of posts would you like to see more of this year?
In July last year, I started making my Instagram gallery into a Puzzle Feed. I’ve experimented with it in many different ways. My posts for “A Recipe for Adventure” and “Homeschool Spirit Week” are some of my favorites.
  • Did you get much snow this weekend?
  • Do you like the cold?
When Emmett is having fun he doesn’t seem not notice the cold. So staying out all day with some cocoa would be his ideal snow day.
I love the snow too! So I put up with the cold weather lol. But I make sure we go inside to dry off, get warm, and fuel up on food.