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Announcing Homeschool Spirit Week 2018

Which students have the most school spirit? Homeschoolers of course! This September Emmett and I are hosting Homeschool Spirit Week! We have planned a fun and festive week to show our love of homeschool with themed days and bonus activity ideas. You and your family are invited to join us in this lively event. Bring ALL the homeschoolers with you to the virtual party. Let’s get together with our friends, plan meetups with our co-op groups, and post lots of awesome pictures of our homeschoolers for Homeschool Spirit Week!

Homeschool Spirit Week Details

Homeschool Spirit Week
September 24th – 28th, 2018
For Homeschoolers Worldwide

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Daily Spirit Themes

Dress up. Have fun. And celebrate being homeschoolers!

Animal Day

Choose an animal you love and dress up as it. You can be in a full out costume, a printed t-shirt, a Papier-mâché mask, or an outfit fully inspired by that animal. Bonus activity idea: Make a presentation on your animal of choice based on your homeschool studies. Especially if it helps raise awareness about that animal.  Check out today’s Parrot Mask DIY!

Dapper Day

Dress dashing and chic for Dapper Day. It can be silly or sophisticated. Now that you’re all dressed up, have a tea party, or go on a field trip. Today is all about classic fun in a modern twist of yesteryears. Bonus activity idea: Does your outfit fit a specific fashion time period? Study the history and culture of people who wore outfits like yours in their daily lives. Check out today’s A Dapper Adorable Day post.

Hero Day

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” – Maya Angelo

From everyday heroes to superheroes from comic books, we all have someone we look up to that inspires us to do good in the world. Today, dress up as one of your favorite heroes. Bonus activity idea: share what you love most about your hero and make a poster about their awesomeness. Check out today’s Hero Comic Book Project!

Disney Day

Disney Day pretty much speaks for itself 😉 Emmett and I love homeschooling Disney-style. Wear your Disney clothes, make Disney crafts, watch Disney movies, host a Disney karaoke day with your co-op group. Bonus activity idea: plan a Disney Field Trip with your homeschool co-op group! Take All the photos to commemorate the day and most of all have a blast!

Spirit Day

Finish this spirit week with your own homeschool’s apparel. Wear your school colors, order t-shirts with your homeschool name or make your own at home! Today it’s all about your family’s homeschool life. Bonus activity idea: Go out to the movies with your family, or some other fun place, and show off your fun homeschool spirit apparel.

Print Your Homeschool Spirit Week Flyer

Click the image below to download this free 8.5″ x 11″ printable flyer for your homeschool, or homeschool co-op.
Announce the event and spread the word about Homeschool Spirit Week!

Homeschool Spirit Week Flyer


Ashley is the naturalist homeschool mom of Emmett's Expeditions. Starting in 2013, she has created homeschool centered learning tools and apparel that encourage kids to explore nature, discover new horizons, and protect the world we live in. In addition to wildlife activity books for your children's expeditions she has a Free expedition library for newsletter subscribers.




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    • One of our favorite parts of the International Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT is the butterfly exhibit. It’s a little early in the event so we didn’t see as many caterpillars as we did last year. However I was able to spot this large monarch caterpillar. .
Emmett pointed out that their “antennae” make it difficult to tell where the caterpillar’s head is. Naturally we did some research and  learned that the long ones are called front filaments and the smaller ones are called rear filaments. 
Caterpillars’ filaments are not their antennae, however they do have a sensory function.
Learning happens everywhere ❤️
    • When is the best time to have a huge chocolate chip cookie?
Emmett says, “for breakfast”. I say after dinner... or when you spot one after lunch at EPCOT.
    • Did you know there is an aquarium at the end of The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride in EPCOT?
We love spotting the Mickeys throughout, like this one made of rocks. 🥰 🐠
    • How far have you walked in a week?
If you play Pokémon Go, you may have heard of something called Adventure Sync...
Emmett and I logged close to 45 kilometers this week while having fun for his and my dad’s birthday. We almost made it to the 50km goal!
    • Have you met Figment?
Emmett and I spotted Imagination!’s dragon mascot (aka Figment) at EPCOT’s Flower and Garden festival yesterday.
    • For dinner last night, we ate at the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. 
We saw Piglet and Eeyore first. They both signed the back of his birthday pin. ❤️
    • Photo Round up of our field trip at the Battleship Wisconsin.
    • Have you ever played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom?
My family continued to celebrate Emmett’s birthday and my dad’s birthday yesterday at the Magic Kingdom. .
Our first stop was at the super secret Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Recruitment Center. We collected new cards and started our adventure on Main Street U.S.A. Emmett also got to trade cards with a cast member in the Emporium! It was a great start to a long, fun-filled day.