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10 Things To Do On Homeschool Sick Days

Sick days. Everyone gets them. Today is one of those days for Emmett. And honestly, homeschool sick days are better than anyone else’s sick days. No need for a doctors note. You don’t have to worry about perfect attendance. Sick days can even count as homeschool days (without cheating). These tips and tricks are what I use on sick days, but I am not a doctor. Make sure you follow your doctors orders so your little one can get better.

Today I’ll be sharing:

How To Make a Sick Day a Homeschool Day
What To Eat on a Sick Day
The Little Things That Make Kids Feel Better

How To Make a Sick Day a Homeschool Day

Don’t cancel homeschool just because your kid is sick. Make today a fun, relaxing, learning day.

1. Watch your favorite educational shows like The Magic School Bus, Liberty’s Kids, or Wild Kratts. TV is a great way to ensure your child rests today and they can still enjoy learning or reviewing things they already know. They don’t have to rest in bed however. If you have a tent, set it up in the living room with lots of comfy blankets and pillows and watch the shows out the front of the tent. A pillow and blanket fort works just as well.

2. Play learning games on the tablet or computer. This is especially good if you typically avoid using devices any other day. Learning games are educational and they often make kids forget about sore throats, head aches, and upset stomachs. If you can forget you are feeling sick, you’re bound to feel better sooner.

3. Read a book. Reading is an activity we always have in homeschool. Let them pick a book to read quickly while resting.

What To Eat on a Sick Day

Food is definitely important when trying to feel better. My family has always followed the saying “Feed a cold. Starve a fever.” That means if you have a cold, eat as much healthy energy foods as you can to help your body fight off the cold. If you have a fever, take in lots of fluids. Apple juice is better than nothing if you child really doesn’t feel like drinking water. Soup is a great way to increase fluids for a fever too. But most importantly, give your child the foods and drinks your doctor recommends.

Sick Day Menu

4. Eat soup. Chicken Noodle, Tomato, or Wonton soup are a great choice for sick days. They are easy to swallow, taste good, and warm up your little one if they feel cold. Side note, if your child is nauseas, avoid anything acidic like the tomato soup. It will upset their stomach more.

5. Eat gelatin. Every time I’ve stayed in the hospital, there has been a cup of JELLO on my tray. Gelatin is a classic feel-better-soon food. It silly and giggly. It tastes good. And gelatin is easy to eat.

6. The B.R.A.T. Diet. Mnemonic devices can be super helpful. I first heard of the B.R.A.T. diet when Emmett was around three years old. I’ve eaten these foods when I’m sick but I always asked my mom (thanks Mom!) what to eat or feed Emmett on sick days because I couldn’t remember them all. Now I’ll never forget it. Bananas. Rice. Applesauce. Toast.

7. Make cute food. Turing food into art is a great way to put a smile on your child’s face when they are not feeling well. For example Dee at allthingzpoohandtsums on Instagram made an adorable Mickey tsums tsums themed breakfast of pancakes and apple slices. Plus, Pinterest is full of themed box lunch ideas you could use to inspire a sick day menu at home.

The Little Things That Make Kids Feel Better

8. Find your snuggle monster. Most kids have a favorite plush cuddle buddy. Emmett loves to snuggle with his adopted stuffed monsters from Lu & Ed when he isn’t feeling well. These monsters are super cute. They’re soft and huggable. One of my favorite things about them is each one has a unique name a personality. Emmett occasionally renames his monsters but usually we make adoption certificates for them.

9. Read together. This can double as a homeschool activity too. Pull a book off your shelf or out of your homeschool bin and take turns reading chapters. Or if your little one has a sore throat, read it to them while they follow along (or fall asleep if they need extra rest).

10. Get out of bed. Rest is important for getting better. However, if a kid is feeling energized, being slightly active can help their body fight off being sick as well. Play board games or pull out a deck of cards. Write letters to astronauts and other every day heroes. Make and fly paper airplanes. Do a puzzle. Video chat with homeschool friends. Take a gentle walk (fresh air is great for sick days).

What are something you do on sick days with your homeschooler?

10 Things to do on Homeschool Sick Days


Ashley is the naturalist homeschool mom of Emmett's Expeditions. Starting in 2013, she has created homeschool centered learning tools and apparel that encourage kids to explore nature, discover new horizons, and protect the world we live in. In addition to wildlife activity books for your children's expeditions she has a Free expedition library for newsletter subscribers.



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